Considering Radiation Monitoring?

If you are considering monitoring radiation levels in your home or business complex, you’re in good company. Did you know that many homes have unhealthy levels of radon in the air, and yet, the families living in those homes are unaware of this potential danger to their health?

Just a few short decades ago, people didn’t realize the danger of lead paint or asbestos in their homes. Now, of course, nearly every real estate transaction includes disclosures about such substances. The same can now be said about radon.

Currently, if you are purchasing or selling a home, you may notice that your realtor or real estate attorney may be requesting a radon test be conducted prior to completing the sale. This is because radon – which is odorless and also colorless – can be present without anyone knowing.

Should unhealthy levels of this dangerous gas be present in the home, there are mitigation techniques that may be available. In some cases, a special exhaust type of fan might be installed that helps remove the gas from the house before it presents a danger to the occupants.

In other cases, the issue may be that radon is present in the water, and a system is installed to release the gas before it reaches the tap (the shower is a common place for the gas to enter the room).

The point is, in today’s world, the danger is real – but fortunately, there are ways to monitor and remedy the issue. We will discuss this at greater length going forward. Welcome to the site!