Opting For The Top E Cigs

Are you still smoking the traditional cigarettes despite knowing the dangers it can cause for you as well as for your family members too? For the uninitiated, cigarette smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. If you smoke in a poorly ventilated room, the tiny particulates of toxic chemical compounds remain hanging in the air, and when your kids and other members of your family inhale them, they too can suffer from the same health problems like you. However, it is extremely tough to avoid the habit of cigarette smoking. The problem is that most smokers do not realize that they are not addicted to the smoke itself, but to “nicotine” a harmless chemical the smoke contains. Would it not be great if you were offered a cigarette that only contained nicotine?

Opt for e-cigarettes

Unfortunately, there are no such cigarettes available. However, you can depend on electronics to come to your rescue. Search online for electronic cigarettes. You will find many online stores that offer these devices that look just like a cigarette but do not contain tobacco, which releases those toxic chemical compounds. On the contrary, these digital cigarettes contain two parts. One that holds a LED along with a wind sensor, a battery, and a microelectronic circuit board. The other part contains a coil made of resistant metal inside which lies a cartridge containing e-liquid. When you puff on the electronic cigarette, the inflow of air activates the wind sensor, which in turn powers on the circuit. The battery sends power to the coil, which heats up and heats the liquid in the cartridge, causing the liquid to boil and emit fumes containing water vapor, flavoring agent, and nicotine. This fume provides you with the same satisfaction that the traditional cigarette gives.


However, you should be extremely cautious when purchasing an electronic cigarette from any online shop. Quite a few of them import poor quality e-cigs in bulk from third world countries where there are manufactured in underground labs that neither have the materials required to manufacture quality e-cigs or have the machinery required to test it. As a result, these electronic cigarettes hardly provide vaping pleasure. If this is not enough, the poor quality of their circuit often puts pressure on their batteries, causing them to explode, leading to serious injuries on the face of the user.

Always go for the best

Therefore, you should not mind paying a bit more and only purchase your requirements from trustworthy stores that only sell best e-cigs brands that provide you with vaping pleasure without the risks posed by exploding batteries.